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What is RentPro?
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RentPro seamlessly connect property managers, landlords & Tenants.
Conveniently manage your properties, landlords, tenants, rents collections, maintenance services, job schedule & work order, events remiders and documents.

RentPro is an advanced web-based property management software built on a world-class, multi-tiered architecture. It allows you to efficiently leverage your productivity without compromising the quality of your service.


RentPro enables you to store in one place property portfolio records which are optimized for fast searching and collaboration. Later you can get insights from statistics and reports.

RentPro is customizable, easy-to-use, low cost and effective. You can choose which module you want implement. Either you are landlord, property agent, real estate managers or estate management consultants, RentPro is the best choice for you.

Our after-sale technical support is awesome. We will be right there with you anytime, anywhere. At Plucom, "we strongly believe that quality, blended with excellent service, is the foundation for successful business"






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